! Digital Arabidopsis

Digital Arabidopsis Simulator

This simulator runs the Arabidopsis Framework Model v2.0 (Chew et al., bioRxiv 2017), which shares many components with the published Framework Model v1.0 (Chew et al. 2014). FMv2 additionally models the control of starch degradation, hypocotyl elongation and flowering time by the circadian clock, using published models (Seaton et al. 2014; Seaton et al. 2015).

To run a simulation enter values for the environmental parameters and click on the Run button. Data plots for the simulation will appear when the simulation has completed. This may take a few minutes. You do not have to wait for a simulation to complete before starting to run another simulation - just change the parameters and click Run again.

Please be aware that refreshing the page will remove all simulation results.

Colour Label Status Bolting time
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Colour Label Day Length Light Temperature CO₂ Clock genotype
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